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The American Lung Association’s Regional Tobacco-Free Coalitions are dedicated to saving lives by eliminating tobacco use and tobacco-related lung disease throughout the Northcentral, Northeast and Southcentral regions of Pennsylvania.

As part of Pennsylvania’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, our work is based on the Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The goals identified are designed to guide programs in their effort to significantly decrease tobacco related morbidity, mortality and economic costs.


  • Prevent initiation of tobacco use among youth and young adults
  • Promote quitting among youth and adults
  • Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Identify and eliminate tobacco related health disparities

The Lung Association’s Regional Tobacco-Free Coalitions use these goals to guide its work locally throughout the 35-county region. To advance its work the Lung Association identifies partner agencies that share its vision and who have specialized skills in a particular area of tobacco control. We invest in programs that foster sustainable change by embedding tobacco prevention and treatment of tobacco use dependency into existing programs and structures.


Chelsey Hildebrand

Chelsey Hildebrand is a Health Promotions Director with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania and her primary role consists of overall management of the three regional comprehensive tobacco control grants that the American Lung Association receives through the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Tobacco Control. Chelsey received her master’s degree in public health from West Chester University, as well as obtained her certified tobacco treatment specialist certificate (C.T.T.S.) from MayoClinic. She presently manages all tobacco cessation services, tobacco-free policy assistance, youth prevention programs, and legislative education. In addition, she oversees and assists with the implementation of four Regional LUNG FORCE Expo’s, one day educational conferences, that are offered to respiratory therapists, registered nurses, other public health professionals, and patients and caregivers with lung disease.

Michael Glantz

Mike Glantz is a Health Promotions Manager with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. He manages tobacco cessation/prevention services and provides technical assistance and support to local community organizations working to address current tobacco and vaping issues within the Northcentral region. He also facilitates the Northcentral Tobacco-Free Coalition meetings, building connections and support around rural and underserved communities throughout the region. Prior to joining the Lung Association, he worked at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, educating public health students and connecting them with organizations in need of support in providing much needed health services to Pittsburgh neighborhoods through the Bridging the Gaps program.

Julie Davis Bartol

Julie Davis Bartol is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. Julie held several responsibilities within the Lung Association. In her current position, she leads the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) covering the Northeast, North Central and South Central regions of PA. Julie is responsible for the DPP grant, providing DPP coverage in high-priority counties. She organizes and leads meeting, provides technical assistance to DPP lifestyle coaches and manages DPP reports. Other tasks include providing three departments with printing and promotional support, managing the coalition website and newsletter and assists at American Lung Association’s annual events. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Prior to joining American Lung Association, Julie worked for PA Nutrition Education Network for nearly eight years gaining knowledge in nutrition, rural health, grants, budgeting, marketing and planning.

Derek Leshak

Derek Leshak is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. His primary role consists of overseeing a team of tobacco enforcement inspectors who conduct inspections at tobacco retailers in Pennsylvania. These inspections are required by state law and aim to reduce the sale of tobacco products to those under the legal purchasing age. In addition, Derek assists in ensuring the completion of inspections of Pennsylvania establishments that are required by the Clean Indoor Air Act, as well as overseeing the administration of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in Pennsylvania schools.

Susan Porambo

Susan Porambo is a Health Coordinator with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. She joined the American Lung Association of Pennsylvania in September 2022. Her primary role consists of managing and processing all regional tobacco control service provider’s monthly invoices. Susan also assists team members with RPTFC implementation and oversees the coalition’s social medias. In addition, she supports the American Lung Association’s national team with inquiries regarding the Freedom From Smoking programs. Susan earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, Health Administration from Stockton University. 

Yvonne Kuhenbeaker

Yvonne Kuhenbeaker is a Health Promotions Manager with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. She manages tobacco cessation/prevention services, tobacco-free policies and legislative education throughout ten counties in the Northeast Region. In addition, she facilitates the Northeast Regional Tobacco-Free Coalition and supervises staff members in the South Central region who oversee the implementation of tobacco cessation/prevention services and programs such as the Diabetes Prevention Program for the North Central, South Central and Northeast counties in PA. Yvonne has worked with the Lung Association for the past six years. Her education includes a bachelor of science degree in Database Management and Marketing, from DeSales University, and certification as a tobacco treatment specialist (C.T.T.S.), from the MayoClinic.

Tony Delonti

Tony Delonti is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. His involvement with the association began as a volunteer in 1981 advocating for the Clean Indoor Air Act and has been an employee since 1991. His primary role is to provide youth tobacco prevention programs in the North East and North Central part of Pennsylvania. He also provides facilitator cessation training for both adults and youth as well as support for other American Lung Association signature programs.

Jennifer King

Jennifer King is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. Her primary role is to manage the overall implementation of the American Lung Association’s Regional Pennsylvania Tobacco-Free Coalition. Jennifer serves as the Co-Chair for the Pennsylvania Cancer Coalition’s Lung Health Workgroup. Her education includes a master’s degree in public health from Liberty University, as well as a master’s degree in exercise science from California University of Pennsylvania.


David Huber

David Huber is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. He joined the American Lung Association of Pennsylvania in 2021. His primary role consists of providing technical assistance to tobacco service providers in the implementation and management of tobacco cessation services, including providing tobacco-free policy assistance. In addition, David leads the recruitment and member reengagement workgroup for the Southcentral Tobacco-free Coalition of Pennsylvania. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biobehavioral Health as well as a Master of Public Health degree from Penn State University.


Meredith Bigger

Meredith Bigger is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. Her primary role consists of working directly in the community and with local partners in the Northcentral region, promoting both adult and youth tobacco cessation services, offering tobacco-free policy assistance to various community organizations, as well as providing legislative education. Meredith leads the recruitment and member reengagement workgroup for the Northcentral Tobacco-Free Coalition.

Meredith graduated from Lock Haven University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Prior to joining the American Lung Association, she worked as an educator for over 10 years and worked with the aging and disabled population for 3 years. She passionately promotes ALA’s mission to save lives by promoting lung health and preventing lung disease.


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